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Lobbying by the Ford Motor Company (Updated)

strong lobbying by the Ford Motor Company (Updated) Ford Motor Company spent $ 1,480,000 on lobbying during the fourth quarter, up from $ 1.36 million expenditure in the third quarter. For all of 2013, Ford spent $ 6.12 million on lobbying. COO Ford, Mark Fields, today delivered a keynote address … Read more about rel = “nofollow” href href = “http://blogs.rollcall.com/moneyline/lobbying-by-ford-motor-company-goes-into-overdrive/”> Roll Call (blog)
strong Chinese companies are willing to invest billions in Kalama, Clatskanie methanol plant In what will be the largest employment increase to the area more than 20 years, the Chinese company plans to build two factories export methanol – Port of Kalama and west near Port Clatskanie – creating 240 full-time jobs under the Columbia area. Read more at Longview Daily News

Updated: Inquirer proposed auction company owner

Updated: Inquirer auction company owner proposes Owner bitterly-divided from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com considering auctioning company’s investors and third parties that may exist, according to a new court filing recently. Interstate General Media, … Read more at In 1994, the RTC sold the land to the Las Vegas, which turned and selling companies Sombrero Land & Cattle LLC, which is native Tucsonan and Southern California breeder Gilbert Aguirre – who then donated 765 acres to Reid … Read more at
strong company Colorado gun said the new law forced the relocation to Texas, Wyoming The company, Magpul, has threatened to leave in March after state lawmakers restrict the sale of ammunition magazines. Weapons companies cited similar restrictions passed in Connecticut, New York and Maryland last year relocation guide. Now, Magpul … Read more at