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BioClinica to join the California company

BioClinica joined California company “Combining CCBR-SYNARC and BioClinica the company will offer customers exceptional scientific expertise and advanced technology to support their drug development process and accelerate the pace of their innovation . “the combined … Read more at Bucks County Courier Time
New President of Electric Boat company confirms strong of commitment to the work of RI Despite the 2013 economic offer, Geiger said the company has “a very good year,” with more than $ 4000000000 in sales and jobs that employ more than 12,000 men and women in various facilities, including its Quonset Point shipyard. .. Read more at The Providence Journal
strong Employees Amazon refused Company Formation First Union in the U.S. Online Retailers hired Seattle-based law firm Morgan , Lewis & Bockius, to assist in the campaign and called a technical meeting to explain the company’s opposition to the union and asked for another chance to resolve the dispute. “With today … Read more at Bloomberg

Is Yahoo COO Firing Expose Company Troubleshooting TEST VIDEO January 16 (Bloomberg) -. “. Bloomberg Surveillance “Bloomberg BusinessWeek Brendan Greeley shoot check Yahoo’s chief operating officer and his vision for the company’s Marissa Mayer on Bloomberg Television Please enable JavaScript to … Read more about Bloomberg